This was by far the farthest weekend getaway for us from Seattle. We had just the weekend and I have always wanted to see this place, hence with friends on-board, we decided to make a quick weekend trip to Zion National Park.

It is one of the most beautiful parks I have seen. My friends thought it was actually better than Yellowstone that we went  to last summer and I couldn’t agree more. The beauty at this place was just amazing. Some parts of it reminded me of scenes from movies like Jurassic Park and series, and t v program like Lost.

So if you are wondering, if a weekend trip to Zion National Park is worth it or not, doable or not? I would say go for it. You might have to squeeze in a bit but it is totally doable especially if you live in Northwest or Mountain time zone.

Here is the itinerary we followed for our weekend trip to Zion National Park

  1. Friday Evening: flew into Vegas from Seattle
  2. Friday Night: stayed the night in Vegas
  3. Saturday Morning: Checked out before 11, had breakfast and started for Zion
  4. Saturday Noon: took a pit stop at Valley of fire ( it is about an hour drive from Las Vegas). Spent couple of hours in Valley of fire,
  5. Saturday Evening: Reached Zion National Park: It was around 2 hr 15 mins drive from Valley of fire
  6. Saturday Evening: Did not check in. Went straight to Zion Visitor Center and hopped  on the park shuttle for a forty minutes park tour
  7. Saturday Night: Checked into the hotel for a night cap.
  8. Saturday Night: Ate dinner at Thai Sapa: a nice restaurant in Springdale just 10 mins drive from the park
  9. Sunday Noon: Checked out of the hotel and did some easy hikes, then drove back to Vegas
  10. Sunday Evening: Spent couple of hours in Vegas. Then took the flight back to Seattle
  11. Sunday Night: Checked into my house 🙂

So in a nutshell, a weekend trip to Zion National Park is very much possible. You just need to do a bit of a homework and hash out what you want to see and do once you are there considering you just have a day or two to spend ( which is not enough just because the park is so beautiful, you tend to wish to have spent more time in it). Here are some things we did on our weekend trip to Zion National Park

Things you can fit into your Weekend Trip to Zion National Park

  • Valley of fire:

    • The park is around 15 miles off the freeway to Zion national park from Vegas and the drive itself is beautiful
    • Check out Beehives
    • Take small hike to see hieroglyphics rocks
    • Drive on the scenic Valley road and hop off to check out Rainbow valley

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  • Zion National Park:

    • Take the shuttle that gives a quick 40 minute tour of all the major attractions in the park. You can hop on and off at any stations
      • Watchman Campgrounds
      • The court of the patriarchs
      • Emerald Pools
      • Zion Lodge
      • The Grotto
      • Weeping Rock
      • Riverside walk
    • The Narrows: At the end of Riverside walk is where the magic happens. These are a must. We were unfortunate that the Narrows were closed at this time of the year, but if you get lucky, do it. It is a wonderful and a hike of a lifetime. I think its about 8 miles round trip. And be ready to get wet. But it is all worth it
    • Hike Emerald Pools: We were only able to hike the Emerald Pools hike considering the time we had, and then had a light lunch at the restaurant in the Zion Lodge.
    • Take Canyon Scenic drive: this is a beautiful ride. Once, in a lifetime experience.


There are plenty of options to stay. We stayed in Holiday Inn Express and it is in a perfect location. The hotel was neat and clean and had free breakfast, a spa and swimming pool and bonfire at night. You can check out the sunrise from the deck. The golden mountains that surround the hotel just made the stay even more enjoyable.


We ate in a nice, not too fancy and pricey Thai Restaurant: Thai Sapa. The people were really nice and food was superb. I cannot recall the name of the person who was waiting on us but he was very friendly and we had a nice conversation about different cultures.

Seeking more adventure: here is what you MUST do

  1. Hike Angel Landing
  2. Hike the Narrows
  3. Go to Canyon Overlook

Overall, it was an amazing trip for us and we are still mesmerized with the beauty of the place. The mountains, the rocks, sun and lush green forest. It is amazing, this planet we live in.

Off to another adventure.



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