Nothing short of amazing

Here is another post about the beauty the city of Seattle has to offer and it just is a great place to be- a perfect mixture of history, technology, nature and great people. I have been living in Seattle long enough that it is almost a shame to have never actually explored much part of it. Hence, today rather than going to our usual Starbucks spot, we decided to check out the University of Washington Library. I was glad to know that it is open for public access and we were in for a real treat.

The library building is beautiful and extremely amazing. We spent couple of hours wandering across the halls of the library and the feeling that I am in a harry potter movie just did not leave me alone. It was very much like that. The grey skies, and the rain is just a perfect amalgamation to take you the world of Harry Potter.

If you decide to explore and treat yourself with some historical architecture, I highly recommend visiting the Suzzallo and the Odegaard library. Suzzallo is the central library and has a very gothic style architecture. Once here, take the grand stairs that support massive pillars to the Graduate Reading Room. And I would be surprised, if doesn’t remind you of the great hall of Harry Potter movies. Only thing missing is Dumbledore at the pedestal and Hagrid next to him.




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