Snigdha and me have a pact: the one we made on our first year of our marriage. We decided that every year no matter where we are, we will go out and explore a new place. Last year was Leavenworth a small Bavarian town amidst majestic cascades, just couple of hours of drive from downtown Seattle. I like to stay in bed and breakfast and I love them a lot. For me, they emanate this feeling of home away from home. We found a lovely place to stay –Abendblume: just on the footsteps of cascades.The stay was warm and peaceful just a perfect getaway for our first anniversary.

Trip to Port Townsend

This year we decided to experience a different landscape. Something away from mountains but still as quaint, as peaceful and most important something that gives out and breathes in the feeling of a small town. We decided to make a trip to Port Townsend. It is small, pristine city in the vicinity of the Olympic National Park with population just about 9000. The best thing in terms of commute to this place is that, it could very well be a day trip for people living in and around Seattle but we decided to make it a weekend trip: just to fully immerse in the vacation mood.

The trip to Port Townsend is just about couple of hours from Seattle Downtown for a total of 60miles and includes a ferry ride to Bainbridge island and then drive towards Olympic Peninsula.


As for my love for bed and breakfast, we stayed in a lovely, beach facing property: Commanders Beach House situated at Point Hudson Marina. The hosts were magnificent and our room was perfect: just how any beach house room should be. We stayed in  the The Island View Room and could hear the waves beating on the shores and the bell buoys chiming as they kissed the wind. The house had an old school verandah that opened towards a huge green yard that lied between the house and the beach. They have a wide variety of books in their house and it was just the perfect feeling of reading them while lazing around in front of the fire-place.

I woke up early morning and witnessed one of the most beautiful sunrise of my life. Woke up Snigdha to share this moment with her and we soaked in the moment while lying in the bed for hours.  Jim called us for breakfast from the living room below and when we went down the table was set. Gail is a real, nice cook. We enjoyed our delicious breakfast with a view of the beach and Washington state ferries to friday adding the marvel to the ocean. There is also a not so crowded trailer park and camping ground just outside as you walk out of the house. It was just wonderful to see kids running around, riding their bikes and people walking on the beach.

By the time we reached Commanders Beach House after beating the friday evening traffic in downtown Seattle, it was a bit late and we decided to buy some light dinner and take it with us. The hosts: Gail and Jim had to cancel their plans to accommodate our late check-in and were kind enough to warm our dinner and even set us a table. They were a very lively people and Jim has a sense of humor which was hard for me to understand at the beginning but then by the end of our trip, I think I got the hang of it.

Places to See in Port Townsend

On our first day of our trip to Port Townsend, Jim gave us a map and few pointers on where to go. To our luck, Port Townsend was still having their farmers market and that was the first place we decided to go to. It was an easy, beautiful walk to it from Commanders Beach House.  In-fact, the entire town is just about walkable. Just take a walk around the water street and enjoy the old, Victorian buildings. We also saw a bald eagle circling around a seal in the water and trying to catch it.

Here are some of the place worth checking out while you decide to take your own trip to Port Townsend.

  1. Fort Worden State Park: Visit the deserted Barracks
  2. Port Townsend Farmer’s Market
  3. Rose Movie Theater
  4. Hanazono Asian Noodle
  5. Khu Larb Thai
  6. Point Wilson light house
  7. Phoenix Rising Bookstore
  8. Numerous Art Galleries
  9. Whale Watching
  10. Air tours
  11. The bell tower
  12. Victorian Architecture



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