Breaking Post Half Marathon laziness:

So what’s next after a half marathon? was the question I asked myself for two weeks.  And it only felt logical to go for a Marathon.  Hence, here I am  training for next goal as part of one goal at a time theory/belief.

Starting today, I am training for a full marathon. There are no races in sight and just like the half marathon that I did couple weeks ago, this too would be a personal run.

What about Barefoot Running?

I plan to go all out with barefoot running at some distant future. Long runs are not recommended for someone who is just getting into barefoot running. Hence, I would be mixing my long distance marathon running with bare-minimum shoes merrell bare access 4 and smaller runs will be barefoot running.


Training Plan for Full Marathon:

I am using the COACH feature that is available in Nike+ Running app. I have been using the app from last three years and have tracked all my runs using it. The COACH feature is pretty neat. Based on my running history that is stored with Nike+ app, the COACH suggested I go for an intermediate sixteen week training program.

I will be detailing out the training plan mentioned below and available with Nike+ app in my next blog.

The weeks are divided as following:

  1. Warm Up: 27 miles
  2. Fundamentals: 27 miles
  3. Laying the GroundWork: 30 miles
  4. Build a Base: 34 miles
  5. Build Strength: 41 miles
  6. Build Endurance: 39 miles
  7. Test Your Limits: 38 miles
  8. Dress Rehearsal: 32 miles
  9. Recovery: 27 miles
  10. Increase Intensity: 47 miles
  11. Through the Wall: 39 miles
  12. Maintain Fitness: 48 miles
  13. Peak Week: 50 miles
  14. Taper Week: 43 miles
  15. Taper Week:30 miles
  16. Race Week: 49 miles

Here’s hoping for a good four months of running and testing myself beyond my limits.



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