Boston Marathon 2013 is bombed. People have died and got injured. This brings a new perspective and a question: What is safe today?.

These marathoners are people who are just striving hard to challenge themselves, better their mental and physical abilities. This marathon was someone’s first ever or someone’s to better their best. But what it might have turned out now would be a scar on their minds. This would impact the mental toughness and all the hard work and effort that people have put in for so long to do better in life. 

Incidents like these might compel the heart and mind to think: is this all worth it? Is putting long hours in running, training the body to its pinnacle, sweating blood and emotions; is this all worth it?.

I guess it is. Every inch of the track ran, every drop of sweat dropped, every injury both mental and physical is completely worth it. As what is life, if there is no challenge, what is life if there is no desire to do better.

People would turn up next year at another Boston Marathon. If not here, they would go to another part of the world to challenge themselves. And to people who know nothing but only explode the lives of innocent people, we would all meet again and we would all confront again. There would come a time when you would give up  and we would continue.

Respect  to all Runners around the world and heartfelt wishes to Bostonians.

All i can say at this moment is “ You continue the fight full of hate, we continue the life full of faith…..” and  quote Mahatma Gandhi: First they will ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win.



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