January 2013 started with a bang. New resolutions, new bucket list and mending the older ones. COntinued my Gymming which is pretty awesome. Given that I have never entered a gym my entire life and I am doing it now for continuous 2 years is a  pretty significant achievement. and damn i am PROUD of myself.

Life changed for a better part. Being always scared of a committed relationship, i got engaged to a lovely girl last year in December  The feeling was mixed. I was petrified for most of the part but was happy to have a companion to share my life with.

At moments the “petrified” part would get stronger. These moments would be when i think about all the things that i might not be able to do once I am in a relation. All the places that I can’t go to because it would cost alot and all the responsibility that I would have to bear to take care of someone else.

But then there would be moments, i would get excited. Thinking about having a companion with whom i can share all my dreams. A person who would be there for me when I am doing all the things that I wanted to do in my life and never had time or will power to do them. A person to console me hold me together when I fail getting those goals met. A person for whose well being and comfort; I am responsible for. And how this responsibility can help me grow as a better person. These thoughst would calm me down, put senses in my head that I could still do all the things I want to do with this companion of mine. And yes, life would change, but i control the remote and can guide that change towards a better, happy life.

Begining this year 2013, i decided to do all the things i would want to in my life. Learn new stuffs, challenge myself physically and mentally. Most of the times it felt, i wam runnng against the time ( given the wedding date is 7-8 months from now). But I am determined to make the most out of these times.

This year is a new promises and new bucket list. This blog is my attempt to keep track where I am on these items that i want to pursue this year. So here it goes:

1. Learn watercolor painting

2. Run half marathon

3. learn Spanish

4. learn kick boxing

5. take part in a theater activity

As of now, i am pretty amazed that I have been able to do or I am in a path to complete some of these resolutions. The biggest challenge for me is to FIGHT my ownself. I get distracted or BORED pretty easily from things. Given the fact, that I get INSPIRED easily from small small things in life and then decide to take up those activities, it would be interesting to see, how i am doing in terms of achiving these goals and also how patriotic I am towards maintaing this blog.

As of today, I can say  life is OK. Blessed with a lovely girl in mylife. I am positive that life with her would be amazing. We would be seeing places, listening musics, watching movies, fight, gossip, cry, patch up and above all grow old together living happily and content. I am sure she would be the biggest inspiration and support. I hope i can be the same for her.

So all i seek is God’s grace and your support sweetheart and I can do wonders and achieve all my dreams.



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