We woke up early this morning. She had her alarm on and I had mine. Usually I get up every morning at 6:00 O’ clock to do my writing. That’s the quietest time I get through out the day to get some writing done. But now it is running- which I have no complaints, plus she has asked me this as a favor.

She needs a motivation, someone who can push her- like a trainer. However, it is different and difficult to train your wife (because she has her own way of doing workouts and then Wife is Always Right :)).

Anyway, It was beautiful outside. The temperature was 1 degrees and it was cold. We dressed up in layers and went out running in the capital hill. It was an easy 1.5 miles again. Well, it was easy enough for me and I am sure she was tired. But she finished the whole thing and wanted to go more.

Here is the picture from our morning run. Isn’t it just beautiful.27a3d38aa233fd1720f1e06c4b679698 (1)



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