Increased Running mileage

Last week, I reached 600 miles. The running has been consistent this year and with still almost half of the year left, I feel confident of  running 600 miles more and  finishing the year on a stronger note, in fact much better than last year.

No serious injuries or body issues encountered other than the sore calves and shin splints. The knee is holding up nice and easy and have started to use Knee Sleeves. They seem to help. Still kind of struggling with better running form though. The #merrells have already logged 300 miles. And in about time, I will look for #newbalance #minimus shoes.

I completed 600 miles run
I completed 600 miles run

Second Half Marathon and running 600 miles

The sun was out, it was hot and humid and Seattle was basking in SeaFair glory. Amidst, this I added second Half Marathon run to my record. It was not for any official race per say, but just like the previous half marathon, it was a personal run.

Best part about this run was that I was able to improve by 10 minutes. It took me 2:27 this time compared to 2:37 of last run.

The worst part was that I felt super hungry after 8th mile. My legs were heavy and I felt tired which I did not feel in first run. I assume this was mainly because I was aiming to be within 9’25” and 9’35” pace.

Towards the end, found a Starbucks Cafe and celebrated running 600 miles and second half marathon with multigrain bagel, mango smoothie and a caramel frappuccino. Went home, did some stretching and slept like a baby for almost four hours. In all, just felt great.

Runner’s high is something that cannot be explained but only experienced. Towards the end of the run, I was exhausted. Almost did not want to finish it, wanted to quit and call it a day. But I believe this is when mental toughness is built. I carried on all the way to the end.



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