The running has been pretty serious this year and hopefully would continue to be like this. Just past month I reached a milestone of running 500 miles.

What has changed from last year?

Last year 2014, I did a total of 164.5 miles with an avg of 2.7 miles for a total of 59 runs. This year has been pretty solid so far.

This year alone, I have ran a total of 279 miles with an avg of 4.1 miles for a total of 67 runs. In all, it brings my total mileage as of today to be 560 miles for a total run of 164 and maintaining an average of 3.5 miles per run.

Hopefully, I am able to maintain it if not go beyond it and do a marathon before the year end. Have been working hard on the form and technique and following up the COACH program in Nike+ app.

What is the Goal?

The goal is to do a marathon this year and with almost half the year still to go, I am hoping I should be in the four digit approx 1000 miles of running under my belt.  The key focus has been proper running form including:

  • Core strength: No I don’t have a six pack. Not yet 🙂
  • Stability
  • Strength in the legs: to support knee and relieve them of extra pressure
  • Gait, stride and better running posture

And above all BE INJURY FREE



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