Running towards 1000 miles

With three more months to go for the year to get over, so far I have only been able to run 700 miles which is 300 miles short of the goal of running a total of 1000 miles that I made for myself at the start of this year.

Running 700 miles

Finished 700 miles of Running this September

September turned out to be not so good month for run. It has the lowest mileage compared with the past seven months. I have only been able to manage running about 35 miles in this month.

Year to date Running miles

Thinking in retrospect, I am not quite sure what really happened and why I did not do much running in the month of september. I was injury free for most part of the month. I added a lot of barefoot running this month with small running distances of about 3 miles-4 miles.

Calves and shins feel good and so does the knees. But there comes times on and off when all these three trouble-teers have bothered me, but nothing much serious.

Stretches and roll outs have been not that great and looking to be regular with them.

But hopefully, the goal would be achieved by the end of this year and be fit and healthy. My doctor told me that all my stats are great. My resting heart rate is at 66 bpm and everything is just as they are suppose to be.

Shoe Update

With this mobarefoot runningnth’s  The #merrell bareaccess have successfully completed their 300 miles worth of run. They still look in good shape, however, there are slight wear and tear in the sole areas. I am still looking for a new pair of shoes and have not come to any conclusion between #Newbalance #minimus or just go for “lunas. I have logged about 60 miles of barefoot running as well so far. I think, I will just keep using #merrells until I zero on my next running shoes.



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