What is a Prayer

Tell me what a prayer is?

I had never really thought about what a Prayer is. I have always considered it as an act of seeking at times of desperation-the enormity of which varies depending upon how my brain has perceived the gravity of a situation. It has always been about wanting from some higher powers on whom I have vested my belief. And very seldom, just to clear my conscience of not being a selfish seeker, rather than wanting for myself, I have prayed for others.

And for however long my memory can traverse in the history, this is how I remember what a prayer has been, until recently,  when I found these words of Mary Oliver in her poem “The Summer Day” when I was watching my daily dose of inspiration  Billy Yang Films on YouTube.

In the video below, Billy  mentions about his outlook on life and reflects back on the year 2015 that went by,what he achieved, the lessons learnt etc, and towards the end, he leaves us in the most surreal way possible, few lines recited by Mary Oliver in her genteel and pious voice. The amalgamation of her voice on the backdrop of a serene music and amazing cinematography,  is heart touching and immensely inspiring.




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