Seattle has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty and Satellites really like their outdoors. Just give them a little bit of sun and its like the entire city is out either on a hike, relaxing on plenty of beaches around or running outside. And if there is no Sun, the Rain doesn’t deter their spirits.

So Rain or Sun, we like our outdoors and to keep up this spirit, Snigdha and Me have decided to explore as many parks- that decorate this beautiful city- as possible. And so far we have been able to enjoy the following parks of Seattle:

  1. Discovery Park
  2. Seward Park
  3. Gas Works Park
  4. Cal Anderson Park
  5. Golden Gardens Park
  6. Carkeek Park
  7. Gene Coulon Park
  8. Greenlake Park
  9. Olympic Sculpture Park
  10. Volunteer Park



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