Running is a struggle

These are the off days and are absolutely painful ones and more painful than the pain in my knees and shins that is not ready to subside yet. It has been almost a week since I ran and the semblance might look all fine but emotionally it is driving me crazy.

Over the span of a year, I have figured out that running is now ingrained into me- so much so that I feel like I own it. I own it in a way that it is purely mine and only mine to claim. None, can take it away from me other than myself.  And amidst this frenzied world, it is the constant that keeps me sane for better part of time.

A runner’s mind is one of his strongest asset. For the world outside, running might seem like a synchronous movement of steps, like a wheel rotating smoothly but to the runner, with every breath it is a battle. A fierce tug-o-war between his body and his brain for just one more step forward.

This tug-o-war is what I enjoy most and miss most about running. It is like, I am fighting my own battle. No-one, none can help me or influence me in this battle other than my own heart and my own body. For, I am running for myself, for my sanity, for testing my limits.

At the same time, it is meditative and cathartic. It is moments like these, when one is down and out, that running teaches you to be patient, to listen to your body more closely and pay attention to it. For in this world, it is this body that’s the closest thing you got to you and hence why not listen to it and take care of it.

Hoping to be  over with off days and be back on the trail, tracks or road soon enough and do what I enjoy most-running bare-chested in the rain and cherishing every drop of it.



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