Marley and Me

Holidays are here (well, almost here) and there is a fixed set of movies that I always like to watch during this time. They make me feel nostalgic. It is like, they are my CONSTANTS in an ever changing world and every year watching them, just bringsĀ back the memories of the first times I watched them.

So here is the list of my favorite holiday movies.

Harry Potter: All of it. Can never, I repeat NEVER be bored of this. Just pure nostalgia.

harry potter

Lord of the Rings Series: Again can never get bored of it.


Pretty Woman: Ahh! if you don’t like Julia Roberts, then something is seriously wrong with your top floor.

pretty woman

StepMom: Again a must watch holiday movie.


Marley and Me: Oh! man did I cry watching this. And I still do (I am not even ashamed of it)

Marley and Me

While you were sleeping: Holiday infused flick.

while you were sleeping



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