Mom Said not to talk to Strangers

“Mom said no to talk to Strangers” is that why we don’t speak to each other anymore.

I have been noticing for a few days now. You look around you, anywhere, near your, far from you, any public place where you are surrounded by swarm of people.

Look around you while in a public transit, while you stand at a traffic signal, while you are in a market, or in a park, or enjoying summer on a beach, there is a common theme. We don’t speak much, we don’t communicate much to or with people around us.

We are either:

  • Buried in our phones – the human curse, the wrath of the apples, Samsungs, LGs, Nokias.
  • Or, we are trying to hide behind a book because we feel uncomfortable looking up and smiling at the person sitting next to or in front of us.
  • Or, we are having our conversations with only the people we know- our relatives, friends, and if brave enough then we might break the shell and speak with our neighbors.

Close your eyes and think of any place where you can find people around you and I guarantee, whatever little conversation you will have, will be with the people you know.

Did you try it? Try it? Close your eyes and recollect the last person you spoke to? I guarantee it will be a person you have known for a while.

May be unconsciously your brain is trying to shut you from the world that you feel so much connected with but in reality it is all Virtual. And it is doing that because, this is how as a society we are training ourselves. Building walls, shutting down people, closing the doors.

But, what we are forgetting is that the friends, the entourage that we feel comfortable with today,at some point in time  they were STRANGERS.

So, break the shell, go out and try to speak, have a conversation with people. A mere “Hello” is the best ice breaker, a conversation starter. Just say “hello” and remember to smile and let the power of these two take over the conversation. For little you may know, you might be speaking with your future best friend, fiance, life partner or a friendly neighbor.

At-least, give people a chance and remember Strangers are people we haven’t spoken to yet.

And may be “Mom said not to talk to Strangers” might at some point convert into “Mom said say hello to people.”

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