March did not start so well. Lately, i have been having issues with my left knee. It pops all the time and makes cracking noise all the time. I had shown it to a doc about 3 years ago and the doc said that I have a “Benign Tumor” its about a hairline thickness and does no harm. But lately, i have been having strong feeling to see a doc.

Subscribed to Ali JOne’s webpage on Facebook. Read about part of her schedule on Running. She has been doing Runs at 5:00 am in the morning.  That has been kindda instigating my adrenaline to do the same. Last night i saw a movie  ” Warrior’s Heart”. MOvies have huge impact on me. They take me to another level and forces me to think: emotionally on different levels. Explore the things i wannt to do and how i can push mysefl further. The guy in the movie is a lacrose player and is often practising at 5:00am in the morning.

These were enough signs for me to do a run at 5:00 am. My lady promised to wake me up at 5:00 and i had alarms set up. She called and woke me but given me i woke up around 6:00am. Went for  a run.

Did not quite feel comfortable running.  Felt tired after finishing a mile run. I would have for sure stopped then and there but saw two guys running on the road and that was another moment of inspiration. Finsihed 2.0 miles run but could not continue further.

Couple of issues I am facing whenevr I run now a days:
1.  My Soleus and Achilles tendon were hurting today.
2. My left knee still bothers me and cracks. Sometimes i feel it is jammed or rusted 🙁
3. My longus tendon in right foot always hurts for about 1-2 miles and then its a berable pain.

I am desperatly thinking to start seeing a doc for this. especially if I am plannig to take part in races this summer. However need INSURANCE first 🙁



2 thoughts on “March 2013: Not a Great Start

  1. Ouch. I know this is a year old, but I hope you had that looked at.. Knee aches are painful–ugh.. and you don’t want it to cause any permanent damage..I didn’t take good care of my knees wile running, tore ligaments in both knees on separate occasions and am now waiting to get surgery on my right knee. Take care of your knees or like me, you’ll have the body of a twenty year old, but knees of a ninety year old! cheers 🙂

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