It was a nice saturday morning in Seattle, but Washington is all about rain, if not seattle, then Issaquah. Friends at work decided to go for Hiking to “Poo Poo Trail” in Issaquah. Issaquah is about 30 min from seattle by Metro and is heaven.

The weather was fantastic with rain drops and clouds touching the tip of the mountain. Poo Poo Trail is in Issaquah Alps and is maintained by Department of Natural Resources, South Puget Sound region ( King County).

The hike was almost 4-5 mile depending on the path taken.  Rain made the terrain muddy and marshy. The trail is well maintained with random bridges and small water streams.

I was happy hiking with no complaints to knees and shins. Quads were sore from previous day workout but felt great to be out in the jungle.

After completing the hike, we walked back to our bus stop which was another half hour walk. Place is country side with mountains, farm houses and rains making it a perfect location.

I guess it was a wonderful day work 10-12 k walk. LOVED it. I am not into Hiking much but a great company and this weather made it really awesome experience.

Still looking forward to start running full fledged..

Details on Poo Poo Trail :



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