Ok, this is what i call a bummer. Just when i was all set to take my running to another level got struck with lightening :(. 

I havent been able to run more than a mile in a run. I have been noticing a pattern. The moment i touch a mile mark, my left knee and shins on both the legs start hurting.

Consulted alot of people at work and a colleague of mine had similar conditions, unfortunately his doc asked him to not to over do and not to run more than a mile in a stretch. 

What can i say, feel really dejected.  I am looking for a doc to get my symptoms tested. However, for the moment I have bought Knee Support and Knee Braces. But haven’t run yet wearing them. Last I ran was a mile but it was on a treadmill ( i thought treadmill would be a different ball game but as i reached a mile mark , the pain started hence had to stop.)

Hopefully, i would be back on track soon. I am also planning to follow Jeff Galloway’s plan and see if that would help me.

Fingers Crossed.




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