Marathon Training Program

The first week of Marathon Training Program called for a warm up week consisting of a total of 27 miles of run. It was a mixture of easy pace and some challenging pace runs.

Week 1 Recap

DAYSMiles to RunMiles Ran
MondayRun 4 miles4.1 miles
TuesdayRun 6 miles6.1 miles
WednesdayRun 5 milesZero
FridayRun 4 miles6.1 miles
SaturdayRun 8 milesZero
TOTAL27 miles16 miles

Bare-Minimum Running: No shin Splints

After a gap of two weeks of running, I should have felt relaxed and rested. However the calves felt tight which I take as a good sign. Ever since, i got into bare-minimum running using #merrells, I have not had any shin splints. They have not bothered me at all. I think this is mainly because of bare-minimum running where I am trying to feel the ground on my mid-foot rather then being a  heel striker.  Forcing myself to mid-foot strike, the calves have taken a real beating. They are sore most of the times. But it is a good pain.

I could not do the total targeted goal of 27 miles but was happy as long as I was out there and working towards the goal.

Marathon training week 1
Marathon training week 1

Here’ is hoping next week to be a better week.





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