Kerry Park Seattle

Looking for a complete view of Seattle, Kerry Park  Seattle is the best place to be.  Located in the heart of Queen Anne hill, this small park offers panoramic views of Seattle. It can get a bit crowded though, but the views on an  sunny day when you have open skies, is incomparable.

In our quest of visiting all the Parks of Seattle, we went for a quick drive to Kerry Park. It is about 10 min drive from Seattle downtown and is very well connected by public transport. The park offers amazing views of Downtown Seattle, Bainbridge Island, Seattle Ferries, Mount Rainier, Puget Sound and Ballard locks.

Just take a small troll along the highland drive and you will find yourself walking between some of the most amazing architectures.

Some of the highlights of the Kerry Park Seattle:

  1. Easily accessible from Seattle Downtown
  2. Amazing views of Rainier and the Puget Water
  3. Beautiful houses built along the drive with some very archaic architecture
  4. Best place to glimpse of Seattle Skyline
  5. Maximum 15 minutes is all you need to enjoy this park

The only downside, I would say is that parking is a bit tricky to find.

Some amazing facts about Kerry Park Seattle:

  1. The movie 10 things I hate about you has the opening scene shot in this park
  2. Amazing race had this as one of the pit stop




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