The other day, my lovely wife said or rather thought (because I disagreed)  that she is putting on weight and that she misses her Zumba and Barre classes that she used to go in summers.

Ever since, the winters came and given that it rains almost every day in Seattle,  she couldn’t continue the classes and now she wanted to join me on my runs- which I have been doing from last two years.

And how could something be done without any shopping, so we went out to buy her a running dress- got a nice deal from Old Navy, got her account created on Nike+ and set up a program to do 5K.

Today was the first day of the program and contrary to our plan of getting up at 6:00 in the morning and going for run ,we woke up at 8:30 – thanks to playing video games (ages of empires) online, last night with our friends in Kansas.

We ran 1.5miles with 1min run and 1 min walk. Took us around 15 mins to complete. She was exhausted and we can see how much out of shape she has been. I was just happy to be out there under the morning sun.

It was cold, but sun was out for a change. She complained of stomach ache later but I think she would continue with the program. I hope she does.

Later, after lunch we watched, a documentary on Netflix: Desert Run. It was inspiring and really motivational. I had seen it already and wanted her to see it.

I am happy where this is getting. I hope she continues to run and cannot wait for the day when we both would take part in a race.




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