Looks like gym is now turning out to be my safe place. I look forward to that time when i would step in the gym and would work out. I have been working out continuously from last three years now and at this moment this is the best thing to me.


It feels like all the frustration, depression that i have accumulated inside me ( the reason behind these I always fail to understand) just gets converted into all those insane reps and sets. It pushes me to work hard and hard. All that anger and crap load of shit, helps me push myself further more.

I dont have an ideal body that a person who has been working out hard from last three years would have ( and thats the mystry to me too) but I am working on it. I don’t exactly know what I want out my gym, but one ting i know for sure is that it feels peaceful in there.

I have a new buddy, who happens to train me as well in the gym. His name is Sam.He is another reason, I look forward to gym. It feels like he knows what I am going through inside and is all ears for it. Keeps me motivated and talks to me about things in life in general.

I did sprint on treadmill today after a long long time and it just felt so satisfying to do it. It was  30 sec sprint on 8mph, 10mph, 11 mph and 11.5 mph followed by 45 sec rest. Just felt amazing, but shins again started to bother. Sam knows about my shin condition and has asked me not to run at present.

I just hope I can continue this stuff that I started three years ago. The journey from zero to today has been great.



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