Forest at Golden Gardens Park

Last weekend, the weather was nice. A bit chilly, but sun was out and a little bit of rain had the city sparkle like a crystal does when sun rays falls on it. The roads were shining, the rain drops fell from roof tops, the air was crisp and was just a perfect evening to explore Seattle. We have been in Seattle for a long time now, and I still feel that there is a lot to be explored in this Rain City- the parks, definitely being one of the items on the list.

Paying our respects to the weather, we wanted to go out and what else to better than a park, hence, I did a random search of “Parks in Seattle” and Wikipedia has an amazing list. Golden Gardens sounded apt considering, the entire city was bathed in the golden rays from the sun and mixed with after rain ambiance.

The park is in the Ballard neighborhood of the city and is one of the most popular parks with a beautiful beach (I was surprised, in-spite of living so close to it, how I had never heard about this park). It was an amazing evening. The park overlooks the Olympic mountains. People were playing volleyball, enjoying the beach with their loved ones, sleeping on the hammock, walking on the trail and there was a boat race as well.

Things to do at Golden Gardens Park

The park has variety of landscape to offer and is just a perfect place to be on a sunny evening. There is a fresh water marsh near the north end of the park. Has a perfect beach which is not that crowded for kids to play and families to have a picnic. Barbecue area, fire pits, volleyball nets,  a sparsely forested area,

Just a perfect place to be and watch the sun set.




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