Running in Rain

Today marked the first run of this winter. It is November and Seattle is officially cold now. Past weekend was all rain and heavy wind and believe me when I say that every ounce of me wanted to get out and run in that rain. However, I respected my rest week (still recovering from the nagging pain in my left knee and shins)  and just enjoyed the view from my apartment.

Rain drops on my window
Rainy Seattle from my window

It was cold today and on my way to home from work, I kept battling with my mind if I should go and run today or not. And just when I had talked myself into not running today because I felt it was too cold, an elderly gentleman drenched in his sweat, just ran past me. And that was it. I had to run.

So, I did a little bit of stretching and some IT band resistance workout just for a quick sanity check on the condition of my left leg and it felt OK to go out for a run. Hence, put on my Merrell’s and went straight to my favorite running route-Myrtle Edward park.

Hallowed Clouds
Hallowed Clouds in Myrtle Edward Park

It was contrastingly beautiful. The bright, hallowed, clouds on the south side roofed over the pier  and was a contrasting image to the grey clouds in the north tangent to grain factory.

Grey Clouds in the North over the grain factory
Grey Clouds in the North over the grain factory

I finished my 4 mile run at the Bell Conference Center and took this picture of the Seattle downtown skyline as I cooled down. I looked around and there were runners on Alaskan way some running towards Myrtle Edward Park and some away from it in-spite of chilly weather. And I thought, what is not to like about this place. It is a runner’s paradise and I loved my first run of this winter.

Seattle Downtown Skyline
Seattle Downtown Skyline




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