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After so many days, I had a good running week. I was  active for four days this week and was also able to get my fastest 1 mile PR of 7’35”.

Adjustments to Running Routine

I made some minor changes to my running routine and the results are pretty solid in just two weeks of rest and recovery. Following are the changes incorporated:

  1. Using ITB routine for strengthening the areas in and around glutes
  2. Bought Wahl 4290-300 Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager and it is great for post run massage.
  3. Started taking Glucosamine supplements from Schiff and I am not sure yet, but I think it has helped a bit as well.
  4. Cool down after run: I now walk at-least a quarter of a mile after my every run to get the heart rate normal.
  5. Lot of rest and ice and compression.

Hoping to grow and learn more as I continue on this adventure of running. Here is my weekend run that I thoroughly enjoyed more so because it was raining and I ran on one of my favorite running routes of Seattle: Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop.

This time, I wanted to do a different route to south lake union and hence, I ran towards the Seattle Center from Alaskan Ave, hoping to catch a glimpse of the international fountain. And to my luck, the fountain was open and looked beautiful under the overcast sky.

International Fountain Seattle
International Fountain Seattle

The run continued from there towards south lake union. It was strange, that I did not see many runners on the Cheshiahud trail this time because there are always a lot of people running up and down this trail.

Kenmore Air Seaplane
Seaplane on lake union

Running on the trail lead me to an old and abandoned railroad track and it was surreal to see this piece running parallel to the floating houseboats.

Cheshiahud Railroad
Abandoned Railroad track

Beyond this railroad track, rather than running further, I took a detour towards Fremont bridge and ran past gasworks park.

Fremont Bridge
Fremont Bridge

After having run on this route couple of times already, it was about time that I found out the famous Brooks Trailhead of Seattle. I continued from there towards Eastlake through Ship Canal Bridge and back to home via downtown running a total distance of 8.8 miles in beautiful Seattle rain.

rowing in lake union



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