Early Morning Run in winter rain

Have you ever tried getting up at 5:00 am during winters, just to go outside and run when the city is still tucked under the blanket of night? If not, then you should try it for at-least once in your life.

It is refreshing. With just you out there, you can hear your breath, listen to your mind and feel  in-sync with your body. It is meditative. And early morning 5K run is one of the best ways in which you can start your day.

Personally, it is my favorite time to run. My normal early morning 5K run time is around 6:00 am but I am working on getting up between 4:30 and 5:00 am to go out for run. Mainly, because by the time it is 6:00 am, the city is already up and there are cars, trucks and people just about ready to flood the roads. I can only imagine what 5:00 am winter morning run would feel like and hopefully I will experience it soon.

But as of now my early morning 5K run starts just around 6:00 am. The best part is that feeling  after the run where you know you have  gained some hours of off your day. The days, I have done my early morning 5k run, I reach work early and have enough time to finish off the left over tasks from previous days. In the evenings are just as wide open as I want them to be to be able to do my other favorites of blogging and writing.

So an early morning 5K run is highly recommend. Here are some pictures, that might inspire you to try an early morning 5K run, at-least once.

This is puget sound before sunrise on a winter morning

Early morning 5K run along puget sound

On my way back to home after a run  in Myrtle Edward park, when the dawn breaks out.

Early Morning Run in Myrtle Edward Park



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