Chief Sealth Trail
“Life has a way of re-arranging itself, all it needs is a little bit of time” -unknown.

It has been an interesting year and the one where milestones were reached and dreams were fulfilled.

To be a home owner at 33 years of age, is an humbling achievement and yet, it can easily be one of the most daunting thing anyone can take in their life. After a grueling, four months of what felt like expenditure of our entire summer, we were able to close on this beautiful town-home that Snigdha and I can call home.

However, with house hunting as our prime task, everything else took a back seat and that including the things I feel happy pursing: Running and Writing.

Both of these have been sporadic and took a beating for lack of time or lack of interests (owing to days when we would loose on an offer and then spend couple of subsequent days in just pure gloom). But as I said, earlier, life has its own way of re-arranging itself; I feel like now things are settling  a bit and I am about to jump into my comfort, happy space of Running and Writing.

And with this, I just started this week with two subsequent running days and felt nothing but amazing.

It is a new area, and very different from where we lived earlier (Bell-town, Olympic Sculpture Park).

Chief Sealth Trail

This new place- New Holly is culturally diverse, quiet, green and away from the commotion of downtown. And instead of the trail of Olympic Sculpture Park, there is Chief Sealth Trail encircling the New Holly Area.

It is an unique Urban Trail running from North to South along the power lines and offer a little bit of hills and climbs. I enjoyed my recent two runs on this trail and can’t wait to get back and do some barefoot running.

Here is wishing for a happy and prosperous year with ability to fulfill all our dreams.



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