I was amazed and super pumped. Needed to push myself and see how far I can go. The running is helping me to understand my body. The strengths and the weaknesses.

I have gradually  pushed myself and was pumped when i completed my first 6 miles.  I guess it took my around 15 runs  On and Off to reach this milestone.

Januaray 2013 began with a slow and not much well thought plan on RUNNING. I had total of 4 Runs in this month and the last run been 4.03 miles for 38:15 min. This was a huge motivation. Run was mostly in the evening. The Seattle Terrain is the best for Runners and can easily  be a runner’s paradise. Januaray 2013: consisted of total 11.3 mi Run for a total time of 1:46:59.

The adrenaline from Januaray run was carried over to Feb 2013 and was gushing faster. I loved February.

There were total of  6 runs with total distance covered  18.2 mi for a total time taken 2:47:43.

Februray begain with a bang. My first 5 Miles run for time of 46:49. Somehow the drizzling rain, the seattle cold and dark evening always pushes me to run. The twist and turns on unknown road, finidng way back to home  and the sweat dropping of the forhead and nose is just a bliss.

February is when i improved on my run of 5 miles. The next run was 6 miles. I was tired as hell. The calves were super sore and at times i felt like carrying my legs in my hand. But the will to better last run was in my mind. The desire to test the body and those tiny legs and guage if I can take it anymore pushed me to complete 6 miles in 55:08 mins.

The next run was again 5 miles and was pretty mcuh similar terrain and areas covered. The fact i like about running outside is that I dont have to care about which way I am running. It would be such an amazing feelin  if i keep running and realize that I have landed in another.

Februaray also pushed me to start thinking about taking  part in Marathons. As mentioned earlier, i get inspired really easily. This girl Ali Jones from my University has been running long distances. She has inspired me alot. I spoke to her and couple folks at work to see if i can take part in some local 5K so that I conintue with my morale. Figured out a Runner’s group at work and couple of races that happen in Seattle.

So all in all February 2013 was AWESOME and the Best month so far in terms of Running is concerned. Finished some worth remembering Runs and planned for taking part in races.   Lets see what March 2013 has to offer…..



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