Just like all the other runners get asked, people have asked me as well. At the beginning, when I started running, I had no clear  answer to the omnipresent question: “Why do you have to run?” and it took a while to understand why I have to put myself under this grueling, injury prone and lonesome sport.

Running feels like a long lost companion to me, the one, I should have pursued long time ago during my growing up days. I remember, waking up early mornings when I was may be 7 or 8 years old and heading out to the playground in the small town I lived just to run barefoot on the dew soaked grass.

One day, this lost feeling  just dawned on me, and I realized how much I loved running. Hence, it all started three years ago when I moved to Seattle and to kill the loneliness, I searched deep within for a companion and here it was-Running, my long lost friend.

Over this certain period of time, where I have learnt new things about me and often found myself penning them down on a either a piece of paper or word processor, I have combined two of my most precious gifts to myself: Running and Writing.

As I run along, matching my strides with time and capture the stories around, follow me on my journey  and hopefully, we will cross our paths doing the things we love in our life and be HAPPY.

I can also be found at : www.facebook.com/significantstories/ Or

Find my adventures published on Outdoor Project.org: http://www.outdoorproject.com/users/anshul-singh





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