Two and a half years of Running

After a gap of three weeks of some fun time with family back home in India, I am back to training again and have now officially entered the 300 mile run club. This week, I have had two runs so far each of 5k distance. And with my last run of 5K, I finished a total of 300 mile runs. It took about two and a half years  to get into this milestone. However slow it might sound as it does to me, it has been some great progress. Each year was better than the last year. And now hoping that this year helps me achieve what I have set out to do with my running.

I started running in the august of 2012. It was a great start, running in scorching heat and humidity of Washington DC summer just felt great.

running milestone

 Run Summary for 2.5 years

It has been a great running experience. This year I managed to run my longest run and I crossed for the first time over 10 miles. Here, is a summary of my achievements from Nike plus profile.

longest run




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