Fall colors in Seattle

Winters are here and I am absolutely loving it. Especially, in a city like Seattle, the transition from pleasant (sometimes scorching) sun of summers into the grays of winters; decorated with the colors of fall is absolutely beautiful. If you don’t trust me, check out the picture below for yourself.

Fall Colors in Seattle
Fall Season in Seattle

I can smell it in the air:  potpourri of the water of Puget sound, meek sun, and fall foliage all mingling together to adorn the grayness of this lovely city. So, inspired from a blog www.aliontherunblog.com that I have been following, I thought of writing my list of “30 happy things” that makes me happy.

Believe me, it was quiet an exercise. You think that you know yourself, but not really. It was hard.

So here are the “30 happy things” (that I can think of now and in no particular order) that makes me happy. It is a work in process but good enough benchmark to begin with.

  1. Smile on my parents faces: there is no substitute for the happiness this one brings to me.
  2. Harry Potter Movies: I proudly call myself harry potter generation. The nostalgia rules.
  3. Christmas movies: There is a big list of movies that I love to watch every holiday season.
  4. Running: I don’t recall feeling shitty after any of my runs. Running always makes me happy.
  5. Tennis: I am a huge fan of the game. It is second best thing after running. I am a terrible player though.
  6. Sania Mirza: Especially when she won women’s doubles Wimbledon 2015 trophy. Absolutely, loved her
  7. Long distance drive with wife: I have wonderful memories of our first trip as Mr and Mrs.
  8. Seattle: Ever since I moved to this city, I fell in love with it: the water, the mountains, the rain, the people, all of it.
  9. Starbucks: Sitting there for hours either alone or with wife or friends and get things done with Americano on table.
  10. Seeing other people run: I don’t know what it is but every-time I see somebody running, it is just a happy feeling.
  11. Friends: hands down the best TV program in the world. Love Phoebe Buffay.
  12. The gang: Blessed with some really cool friends.
  13. Bakery stuff: I can devour an entire cake by myself that’s how much I like cookies/cakes. But then comes the guilt trip.
  14. Rain: I have never had any issues with it. Ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed playing in it and now running.
  15. A R Rahman: His golden era songs from movies like Roza, Bombay, Dil Se etc.
  16. Lata Mangeskar: Her “old is gold” songs.
  17. Gulzar Sahab: Every-time I listen to the words he has penned,  leaves me mesmerized.
  18. A well made bed: A well made bed  can easily make up for a messy house for me.
  19. Seattle Ferries: watching them from my apartment every night is utter beauty.
  20. Airports: they give me a feeling of being in some movie or something.
  21. 5 minutes: These are my favorites. It is my time to just lay down, cuddled with my wife amidst absolute quietness.
  22. Lying down on sofa and aimlessly switching between channels.
  23. Perfume that Snigdha wears: The hugs become just more peaceful.
  24. Sleeping on a long bus ride: If it’s a night journey this makes it much more enjoyable for me.
  25. Watercolor paintings: Every-time I see one, it is like I am studying them.
  26. Writing: Short stories are the best to write. And finishing one is a great feeling.
  27. Gifts: Oh man!, I like giving them and yes getting them is more so better.
  28. Dreams: I kind of look forward to them. My dreams are always very filmy and dramatic. I love them.
  29. Going to movie theaters: Never ever bored of it. Well I did sleep during a “Jesus Christ” movie that I don’t recall the name.
  30. Dogs: I am waiting for the time when I can adopt a puppy and raise him till his last breath.

So , there it is. My “30 happy things” that provide me joy. More to come as I grow older and older and older.

if you like, leave yours in the comments, may be yours is mine and we are connected or related by some cosmic powers 🙂



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